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Once the negative items are gone, you need to add more positive credit history! Our educational credit building program helps you build fast and effectively.

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Creating Positive Credit History.

Many of our students are lacking enough positive history on their credit to be at a great score after their repair is done. New accounts will help build that number gradually.

Credit Utilization is the second most important credit factor. It simply means keeping the amount you owe at most 25% of what your overall limit is.

To have a perfect score, one must have a wide variety of credit accounts. Auto Loan, Credit Card, Home Loan, Credit Builder Account, etc.

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A Credit Score Built With Pride

The phase most credit counselors won’t tell you about!

On Time Payments

Nothing solidifies your credit more than paying on time every month. More payments, more credit.

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New Accounts

New Accounts will show lenders that other companies liked your credit profile enough to accept.

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Optimized Accounts

Now that your credit has reached a new level, who needs the awful interest rates you had before?

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Credit Builders

We recommend one of our partners designed to build your credit cheaply and quickly! Like reporting your rent to increase payments made!

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Long Term Plans

In the credit building phase, we will build a long term 10+ year game plan with you to achieve your perfect credit score.

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Credit Karma suggests that you should have around 21 accounts to be considered for perfect credit.


Payment History

Under 97% on time payments results in the absolute lowest category in the Payment History credit factor.



If you carry a total balance of over 25% of your credit limit, it may hurt your credit score considerably.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Get one step closer to Credit Mastery. Let us analyze your situation.

“The Axx Financial credit program is not just a one solution option. It is a massive domino effect of information, decisions, solutions, and opening doors that will lead you to a more successful future. My repaired credit led to a fresh start, which then led to more options, which then led to security, which then led to saving money in interest, which led me to leveraging debt to invest, which led to various business opportunities, it goes on and on!”

George Gonzalez

Digitalbox CEO

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