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Most of our work involves repairing and removing negative credit items for your report. Things like late payments, hard inquiries, and collections!

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Use the law to your advantage.

Each month you are in Step 2, we strategize and game plan our efforts. The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) was created to protect and benefit you.

We then dispute mistakes, corrections, and unfair practices on your behalf, following those FCRA guidelines.

Each month you will be sent responses from all of these creditors. Some will contain great news, others we will have to re strategize and send again.

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What Can Be Disputed?

There are many items on your credit report that can be lawfully disputed.

Collection Accounts

Collection Agencies often times make many mistakes, and they do not normally have all the original paperwork you signed with your creditor.

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Late Payments

Late Payments can often times be removed in good faith, if not, there are still other ways! We’ve had a lot of success with this.

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Hard Inquires

Hard inquiries can easily affect your credit in a negative way! Statistics show that lenders want you to have less than 2 inquiries a year.

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Incorrect Information

Creditors often times have one or more mistakes on your credit report!

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Identity Fraud

Are there items on your credit report that aren’t yours? You could be targeted by identity fraud.

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79% of all credit accounts in America contain errors.


Identity Theft

Last year there were 169k reported attempts of illegally opened credit cards.

77 mil


77 million adults in America have at least 1 account in collections.

Let’s Make Things Happen

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“The Axx Financial credit program is not just a one solution option. It is a massive domino effect of information, decisions, solutions, and opening doors that will lead you to a more successful future. My repaired credit led to a fresh start, which then led to more options, which then led to security, which then led to saving money in interest, which led me to leveraging debt to invest, which led to various business opportunities, it goes on and on!”

George Gonzalez

Digitalbox CEO

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