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The first step is accessing your report so you can monitor your progress and we can analyze a game plan!

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*Credit Karma, while being the only free option, does not offer a 3 bureau report plan, it will only give you access to Transunion and Equifax.

Knowledge is Power. Monitor your Credit Reports.

First, you need to use one of the 3 above monitoring sites to access your reports. Having a birds eye view of everything is extremely important.

Next we will produce an entire analysis on all your accounts, negative and positive. This report will be given to you immediately, think of it as a gameplan.

Everyone will have a starting score. It will not stay this number for long!

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3 Bureau Reports

Credit Accounts may report consumer information to one or several bureaus. It is VERY important to be able to see what all 3 bureaus have in your name, or we will not be able to work as effectively.


1 of 3 major US Credit Bureaus

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1 of 3 major US Credit Bureaus

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1 of 3 major US Credit Bureaus

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Vantage Score

A newer scoring model, useful to companies who do not want to submit a hard inquiry on your credit in order to underwrite.

FICO Score

The standard scoring model lenders will use for auto loans, credit cards, home loans, etc.



35% of Americans have under a 670 credit score.

50 mil

No Credit

Around 50 mil Americans don’t have enough data to generate a score.



18% of Americans have what is known as a perfect credit score.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Get one step closer to Credit Mastery. Let us analyze your situation.

“The Axx Financial credit program is not just a one solution option. It is a massive domino effect of information, decisions, solutions, and opening doors that will lead you to a more successful future. My repaired credit led to a fresh start, which then led to more options, which then led to security, which then led to saving money in interest, which led me to leveraging debt to invest, which led to various business opportunities, it goes on and on!”

George Gonzalez

Digitalbox CEO

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