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Welcome Graduates.

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Now that you have a great score, what do you do next? Learn how to maintain it!

For most people, debt is required to get by. But what is the difference between smart debt and bad debt?

What options do you have now that you have a great credit score? There are a lot!

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For the Super Stars

Learning how to go above and beyond, and achieve what most people can not in their lifetime with credit.

Video Classes

Free Zoom classes with special guests talking about credit cards, mortgages, navigating interest, etc.

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Free Analysis / Disputes

Come to us any time and we will reanalyze your credit, and also dispute any item for free.

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Credit Buddy Program

Earn more savings by bringing in a friend to succeed with you and follow the same journey!

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Become a Home Owner

For many, this is the end goal in their credit journey. We want you to get there!

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Save The Most

Tips and Tricks for saving more money in interest than most people think possible!

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Let’s Make Things Happen

Get one step closer to Credit Mastery. Let us analyze your situation.

“The Axx Financial credit program is not just a one solution option. It is a massive domino effect of information, decisions, solutions, and opening doors that will lead you to a more successful future. My repaired credit led to a fresh start, which then led to more options, which then led to security, which then led to saving money in interest, which led me to leveraging debt to invest, which led to various business opportunities, it goes on and on!”

George Gonzalez

Digitalbox CEO

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